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Cloud Service Provider

As an Organisation, VxCloud is a Modern Cloud Service Provider that has created unique services for clients that are focused on consuming Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Cloud services, solutions and applications. VxCloud provides Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud support and connectivity. Our investment in a Private Cloud Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) hosted in South Africa allows us to cater for all types of organisations maximising the use of Cloud services such as Microsoft O365, Unified Communications, Cloud Hosted IP-PBX, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.
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Cloud Networking (SD-WAN)

VxCloud SD-WAN networking service supports O365, Azure, and AWS. Run networking as you would run the Cloud with Orchestration, Automation and Central Administration. Clients will be able to add internet access to their current Diginet and MPLS networks as well as manage traffic flow.
The new Private Cloud SD-WAN from VxCloud is hosted in Teraco and managed by a team of certified networking engineers. Cloud-based VPN services can be created on any networking platform including LTE, FTTH, Metro, MPLS and Broadband through the use of the VxCloud SD-WAN solution. Use cheaper internet connectivity to achieve enterprise networking results.
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Internet Service Provider

VxCloud provides Small and Medium Business with reliable ISP and Networking products. VxCloud ISP products are geared towards provide internet services to organisations using ADSL, Wireless, LTE, FTTH, Metro, and Fibre. VxCloud’s ISP support team provides both onsite and remote support to assist clients with problems and issue resolutions.
VxCloud provides ISP services and connectivity from Telkom, Vodacom, SEACOM, DFA and Wireless vendors to create a best of breed user experience. VxCloud includes POP Email Domain Name Services (DNS) and Content Scanning solutions as part of the ISP services.
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Teams Cloud IP-PBX

VxCloud Teams Direct Routing voice solution is a comprehensive part of the VxCloud Voice and Unified Communication portfolio. VxCloud Teams Cloud IP-PBX is a seamless way to enable Microsoft Teams with all the capabilities of enterprise voice and phone system.
VxCloud now has the opportunity to offer Teams Contact Centre, Teams Cloud IP-PBX and Teams Conferencing to clients from a single source. The flexibility of the offering makes growth incredibly easy and the continues investment in Microsoft. VxCloud Teams IP-PBX provides complete freedom in business communication.
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Hosting and Cloud Services

VxCloud is a company that embraces the move towards a Hyper-Converged and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure by hosting Virtual Machines and Containers. VxCloud provides Software Defined Data Centre services and Azure Cloud Hybrid integration. VxCloud provides Backup, Recovery and Microsoft Azure Site Recovery as part of the VxCloud DR as a Service.
The VxCloud Hyper Converged Product is based on HyperGrid, allowing the client to deploy a software defined data centre without requiring capital expenditure (CAPEX). Billing is based on an operational expenditure (OPEX) model. Medium to large organisations can run Virtual Machines and Containers in a single Compute, Storage and Networking appliance hosted onsite or in a private cloud configuration.
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Security Service Provider

Clients looking at moving to the cloud are at risk of exposing their networks and data to malicious cyber-attacks that could be crippling to the organisation. The VxCloud’s SD-WAN network traffic is encrypted and monitored at all times. VxCloud’s SD-WAN solution includes Zscaler as part of the Web proxy services in South Africa, allowing us to provide secure Web Access and Content Scanning.
VxCloud as a Security Service Provider includes Security Assessments and Vulnerability Testing as part of our services to you. Our security also includes Anti-Virus, Cloud Web Proxy, Onsite Firewall and DR as a Service.
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Cloud Monitoring

VxCloud's Managed Services Monitoring solution is based on Cloud Monitoring software that is perfect for small to medium organisations. The following internet services are just some of the services monitored by VxCloud: HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSL, SMTP, POP, URLs.
Record and simulate multi-step user interactions in a real browser and optimise login forms, shopping carts, and other applications. Monitor Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, VMware and Docker Servers, Virtual Machines and Containers. Monitoring also includes Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, AWS, Azure and mobile platforms.
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