VxClouds proposed solution is to utilise the internet to gain access to important company information and applications as well as private and public cloud solutions. Our SD-WAN solution is a major step in creating a secure internet access networking medium. We have partnered with ZSCALER to create a integrated SD-WAN and secure web access solution. The focus point of the solution is to control internet access, prevent access to un-authorised internet content and to secure information that is transferred to and from the internet. ZSCALER is integrated into the VxCloud SD-WAN solution hosted in South Africa. The “No More Appliances” approach is a major business driver for VxCloud.
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SD-WAN Security

VxCloud realises that today’s applications are in the cloud and almost all organisations are accessing some type of cloud service or solution. These types of trends expand the attack surface for the network and branch offices. Cloud security is an important concern for all CIO and IT managers and is becoming a bigger issue with cloud solutions and access.. Enter the VxCloud Delivered SD-WAN that provides a robust architecture uniquely flexible to secure both traffic and data, deployed as a secure overlay to networking or internet service providers. With several different deployment architectures, a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN accommodates for the needs of even the most security sensitive business. It also returns to corporate IT security and compliance, controls it needs to be safe.
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VxCloud has partnered with one of the leading Firewall solution providers in the world and included Firewall services as part of our SD-WAN solution. VxCloud can protect the client’s offices from unauthorised access through the internet and also include a robust and well-supported firewall. Security is a key consideration in distributed network deployments. Attempting to secure the modern distributed enterprise with a traditional centralised security approach is like trying to keep the rain off a football game using umbrellas. We also include our security services in the cloud connections hosted in Azure and AWS to create an end to end cloud security managed service.
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