How Office365 and Sharepoint are Providing You with a Digital Workplace Solution

Sick and tired of being stuck thinking inside the box (literally)? Introducing the out-of-box Digital Workplace Solution from VxCloud. This incredible solution is reinventing how businesses operate, making it possible to get things done from anywhere in the world, and at any time, all the while collaborating and communicating seamlessly with your team.

Why allow location to limit your business in terms of its growth? Why deny employees the chance to find more balance in their lives and maximise their workplace happiness and satisfaction? Why not embrace the many benefits that this kind of technology has to offer? It can only transform your business for the better!

But Wait – What is the Digital Workplace Solution?

In short, it's an integrated Intranet portal structure that turns Office365 into a digital platform on which work can be completed and shared. Ultimately, it's a no-code solution that is built natively on SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016, boasting a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.


The main benefit of a Digital Workplace is increased productivity for the business and flexibility for the employee. Did you know that you even have the opportunity to incorporate Microsoft Teams into the Digital Workplace with integrated VoIP – SIP?

Other benefits include a simplified IT structure and reduced IT costs with ease of administration and customisations.

The solution is also extremely easy to implement into any organisation - no programming or coding needed!


Now that you understand the remote-working advantages it could provide you with, you're probably wondering exactly what it has to offer your organisation in terms of functionality. Here's a simplified breakdown:

  • A 'home' centre where your team can catch up on important organisation news and info.
  • Departmental portals: Customisable departmental portals mean that teams from different departments in the business can collaborate separately. These portals can be further customised to support O365 Products such as Teams and Workflow.
  • HR portal: Keep up to date with employee documentation, certifications etc.
  • IT portal: Think a convenient IT help desk, asset tracking and more.

Other features include a Marketing portal, Facilities portal, Customer Service portal, CRM and Sales portal, Project Tracker portal and Extranet portal.

The best news of all is that the VxCloud Digital Workplace Solution is a workable solution for all types and sizes of businesses. Whether your company boasts hundreds of employees, or whether you are a small, start-up establishment, the benefits and ease-of-use remain the same! For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.