HR and the Digital Workplace

As per our previous blog entitled ‘How Office365 and Sharepoint are Providing You with a Digital Workplace Solution’ [Link to blog], a digital workplace can provide your business with a number of exciting benefits. For example, it offers employees the ultimate in flexibility which, in turn, leads to an increase in productivity. It also brings with it a simplified IT structure and reduced IT costs.

While a digital workplace is certain to enhance the functioning of practically every department within your organisation, it can have a particularly positive effect when it comes to Human Resources.

How a Digital Workplace Will Transform Your Company’s HR

  • Empowering Employees: HR within a digital workplace will help to encourage employees to make their needs and desires heard. It is also more convenient to use as all information, forms and assistance is effortlessly accessible at all times. Furthermore, all employees will have their own MyHR service portal, so that they can deal with their internal affairs safely and easily, all the while ensuring the ultimate in confidentiality. The MyHR portal also makes it possible for employees to:
    • Access HR resources (like documents, policies, forms) and services
    • Access and make use of the HR knowledge base
    • Update employee profile data, such as residential address, contact details etc.
    • Link to external applications like payroll
    • Submit and receive status updates on service requests, such as annual leave and sick leave requests
    • See HR announcements and events


  • Streamlining Processes: Digital workplace HR makes tracking and implementation easier and more hassle-free. All processes take place online and most are automated, hence the reason why they are much simpler and straightforward to perfect.


  • Speeding Up Processes: As any HR professional knowns, trying to work through that massive pile of forms, files and documents on the desk can take the better part of your day, if not longer depending on the size of the organisation. With digital workplace HR, on the other hand, there’s no need for paperwork and, as mentioned, most aspects of the job are automated. This leaves HR professionals with more time to focus on maximising the happiness of the company’s employees, rather than on their time-consuming admin.


Regardless of the size of your business, the VxCloud Digital Workplace Solution can be tailored to suit its specific needs, especially when it comes to Human Resources. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.