The Benefits of Using an SD-WAN Cloud Network to Link Your Local and Remote Branch Offices

Making use of the cloud as opposed to running applications via downloaded software often means enhanced security and unity, effortless accessibility and, as a result, a massive boost when it comes to everyday productivity and streamlined operations in general. However, moving onto the cloud isn’t as easy as just pushing a button. Ultimately, you need to choose the right cloud network for your business.

Introducing the Cloud SD-WAN product, a bespoke, convenient offering from leading tech company, VxCloud. These are the top 4 benefits of using Cloud SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) to link your branch offices, both local and remote.

Our SD-WAN Cloud Network Supports Multiple Types of Connections and Cloud Applications

If you are currently utilising cloud applications like O365, Azure or AWS, fear not. Cloud SD-WAN has been specifically designed to operate across all sorts of internet connections and cloud applications, and to work seamlessly regardless of your chosen internet provider. It can even operate across private data services such as MPLS. In short, it is highly unlikely that you will have to replace or alter your already-existing network infrastructure in order to make the most of its benefits.

Our SD-WAN Cloud Network Can Be Installed Quickly

When it comes to upgrading your business, most owners will want something that can be executed swiftly, and with minimal interruption to workflow. The good news is that an SD-WAN Cloud Network can be installed and up and running within a few days. It’s literally a matter of plugging in a couple of cables before handing all remaining configuration and on-going management over to the VxCloud Orchestrator.

Our SD-WAN Cloud Network Promises Incredible Security

As a business owner, one of the biggest worries is whether or not it is possible for confidential data to fall into the wrong hands. It’s no wonder then why security is a such a big deciding factor when it comes to choosing a cloud network. Luckily, the VxCloud SD-WAN Cloud Network promises multiple layers of steadfast security including secure internet, site to site virtual private networks and SOC as a Service integration, thus ensuring your total peace of mind.

Our SD-WAN Cloud Network Performs Dynamic Path Selection

The difference between an SD-WAN Cloud Network and a traditional cloud network is that the former is able to direct applications to the optimal link based on a variety of factors including available throughput, performance metrics, application requirements, application business priority, and link costs. This means that path selection is optimised to save you time and money and to provide you with an improved quality of experience.

Interested in learning more about incorporating VxCloud’s Cloud SD-WAN network into your business to seamlessly link your branches? Contact us today to find out more!