The Benefits of using VxCloud SD-WAN over Traditional MPLS

There is a constant debate amongst industry experts about whether or not SD-WAN will ever completely replace traditional MPLS. While this still remains to be seen, many business owners will agree that there are substantial benefits when it comes to using SD-WAN over MPLS. Here’s why.

SD-WAN Enhances Your Business Eco-System

VxCloud SD-WAN has been designed to have a positive impact on your entire company’s networking eco-system, making it possible for you to do business faster and more effectively from all angles. SD-WAN has the power to eliminate geographic boundaries and, because of this, it brings with it numerous benefits including improved performance, control, scalability and visibility. All of this is great news for productivity and, of course, your bottom line.

No Bandwidth Penalties

Unlike when solely using MPLS, SD-WAN promises significant improvements in user experience for remote users when using cloud or SaaS?based applications, thanks to optimal routing.This is due to the fact that SD-WAN has the intelligence necessary to locate and offload internet and cloud traffic in such a way so as to ensure consistent, continuous SaaS reliability – even when network links fail!
This is achieved by SD-WANs unique ability to have multiple network links working together with link optimisation. This has therefore made it possible for businesses with remote branches to access the Cloud networks and SaaS-based applications from different locations without the hassle of having to worry about the few network links which are available to them.

Better Security

Don’t get us wrong. MPLS are secure. However, it poses significantly more risks to businesses when compared to the level of security offered by SD-WAN. Standards-based encryption is the secret to why SD-WAN provides improved peace of mind. With SD-WAN you get a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel between all your branches as well as through the internet. This type of encryption provides a secure connection over any type of transport, ultimately leading to an overall safer cloud network with minimal risk to the business. Additional security options (such as edge based firewalls, cloud based security and VxCloud SoC as a Service) can also be provided through SD-WAN.

Fast Results

While connectivity and ease of use has never been a problem for MPLS users, it can take weeks for it to be successfully deployed, and on-site IT specialists are required to do this. SD-WAN and rapid deployment go hand-in-hand. In fact, initial configuration and setup is often done offsite Pre-deployment. If your business and its branches require additional networks for increased bandwidth over time, this can be done quickly and efficiently.

But How Do I Move from MPLS to SD-WAN?

Countless business owners are delaying this inevitable move because they expect it to be disruptive and costly. However when you have the right service provider on your side like VxCloud, this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, you can expect far cheaper rates and greater bandwidth with SD-WAN, as opposed to MPLs which have a very expensive installation price tag and monthly operations cost associated with it.

VxCloud will take the time to analyse your existing IT environment before making recommendations – every enterprise is unique! From there, we will suggest how best to integrate SD-WAN into your existing infrastructure, all the while ensuring that it fits in with your custom cloud strategy. In short, we will guide you through this new realm with the end goal of providing you with a seamless, optimally functional product and service that you know for certain is worth every cent spent.

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