SOC-as-a-Service: We’ve Got the Facts

As a business owner, you’ve probably embraced the many benefits associated with advanced technology – but what about the pitfalls that come with it? How exactly do you go about protecting your business and its data from cyber attacks? How do you boost your internet security? The answer lies in SOC-as-a-Service.

Cyber Attacks and South Africa

Did you know that South Africans are losing R2.2 billion every single year as a result of cyber attacks? We also have the third highest number of cyber crime victims worldwide! This information is courtesy of the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), and it shows that something essential is missing from the market.

Enter SOC-as-a-Service

What is SOC-as-a-Service, you ask? SOC-as-a-Service, also known as Security Operations Centre-as-a-Service, is when you have an IT specialist security team in your corner constantly protecting your company from hackers and cyber attacks. The team is trained to detect, analyse and respond to cybersecurity incidents and threats. They are also focused on preventing these incidents from occurring in the first place with integrated security monitoring.

Why Outsource SOC-as-a-Service?

While it is possible to build your own SOC, there are many advantages that come with opting to outsource your SOC needs. For example, you will have access to security expertise 24/7. You won’t need to train your staff or hire new staff – you’ll automatically be paired up with professionals who know precisely what they’re doing.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the company you partner with is already offering SOC-as-a-Service to a variety of other enterprises, you can rest assured that they will already be following cyber security best practice. They’ll make certain that your company is keeping up to date and is compliant with industry recommendations and mandates.

Outsourcing is also a lot more cost-effective in the long-term, especially when you take into consideration the price that comes with purchasing enterprise SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and security software, hiring new staff members, training them and paying their salaries.

VxCloud Offers SOC-as-a-Service

Whether your business is small, medium or large, we can provide you with advanced security tailored to suit your needs and your budget. In fact, we promise an affordable solution in that we don’t charge any upfront costs – our SOC-as-a-service model works on a subscription basis, so you get a predictable pricing model each and every month.

We specialise in providing a full end-to-end, hybrid SOC-as-a-Service solution with an on-site and Cloud-based Security Operations Centre. It is also integrated to work with cloud based services such as Azure and AWS to give full protection from cyber attacks, hackers and malware.

Within our Security SOC-as-a-Service offering, we can also offer you the following:

  • VxCloud AD Security
  • VxCloud Firewall Security
  • VxCloud Responsive Simulation
  • VxCloud SD-WAN Security
  • VxCloud Anti-Virus
  • VxCloud Cloud Security Services
  • VxCloud Authentication and Users Identity Management
  • VxCloud Security Audit Logs
  • VxCloud Security Vulnerability Testing
  • VxCloud Desktop and Server and Operating System Hardening

For more information on how we can help to safeguard your enterprise, do not hesitate to get in touch.