VxCloud DFA Open Fibre Access


DFA Open Access Network, for Medium and Large Customers

VxCloud DFA Open Access Fibre

VxCloud provides DFA Fibre connectivity customised to a clients requirements for cloud and unified communication solutions access. VxCloud Internet SD-WAN will Provide QoS and reduce Jitter, Latency and Packet loss while improving Security.

VxCloud DFA Open Access Fibre

DFA Fibre

Comprehensive coverage through a state-of-the-art network to all parts of the country. 1:1 Uncontended, Uncapped and Unshaped bandwidth service. Symmetrical service delivered on Fibre with equal upload and download speeds.

DFA Fibre


Provided and supported by the best DFA Fibre Networking connectivity both locally and globally. Direct access to support which removes the burden of working with service providers. Let us do the calling, escalation and problem resolution for you. DFA consulting and assessments are used to provide the best for DFA fibre solutions to clients.


DFA Internet - SD WAN

VxCloud SD-WAN Service is deployed in conjunction with DFA Fibre to create QoS and QoE (Quality of Experience). Improved connectivity is experienced to Cloud Services such as Office 365, Azure and Amazon Web Services.

DFA Internet - SD WAN

Solution Examples

DFA Fibre Solutions – Experience the Cloud and Network with Fast Internet Access


Titan is a flat-rate based fibre link solution for connecting higher volumes of sites. Link orders are structured to connect your access sites in a logical ring topology. Access rings start at your aggregation sites and terminate at the same or at alternative aggregation sites.


Helios is a last-mile fibre access solution that delivers dark fibre links from our aggregation nodes to your site or building in a star network configuration. The link is terminated on an optical distribution frame at the DFA aggregation site, where you are able to cross-connect to your own equipment hosted in the DFA aggregation site.


Tachyon is the hosting facility where your equipment can be co-located for easy access to the last mile network. It acts as an aggregation point for your IP service network.


If you don’t need unlimited speed all the time, Calypte lets you choose a burstable data rate while still giving you the benefit of dark fibre. There is no hard limit on the bandwidth – your traffic can exceed the chosen data rate for short periods – and you can permanently upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth without penalties


A Precinct is a designated area with multiple buildings, housing SMEs and corporate's, that are already connected to our network, giving you ready access to a DFA connection.

Magellan Access EPL/EVPL

VxCloud provides integration with Magellan. The focus is on cheaper point to point and point to multipoint links. Magellan Point-to-Point gives you a comprehensive, fully-managed, end-to-end layer two service between two sites on the DFA network. Clients can choose either an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) or an Ethernet Virtual Private Line configuration. VxCloud SD-WAN and DFA are the perfect fit for all organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, DFA does provide high end fibre access solutions to service providers. The new range of products such as Magellan Access EPL/EVPL are catered towards organisations that need 5- 10Mbps and up internet links. The service is cost effective and is integrated with the VxCloud SD-WAN.
The installation process is not simple but VxCloud will provide alternative internet and branch office access using the VxCloud SD-WAN through LTE and other Wireless Internet solutions to provide temporary access.
Magellan is a step up from FTTH for business customers providing 99,95% service availability. VxCloud provides the termination points in our Teraco data centre location. The services are provided from 5Mbps to 100Mbps in increments of 5Mbps. DFA does have a large fibre footprint and all the services are managed by the VxCloud support team.
Yes, VxCloud provides the QoS, QoE and full VxCloud SD-WAN solution as a Client Premise Equipment (CPE) device. The device is used to provide the best Cloud and Unified Communication access possible. Faster access to cloud services using our VxCloud SD-WAN solution including Azure and AWS.
Yes, VxCloud SD-WAN solution is a great fit with DFA and can also include additional internet bandwidth to provide high availability and access. “Cloud Network to Perfection” is based on making sure the WAN and support costs are reduced and Cloud Service speed increased. The VxCloud Cloud VPN solution is the best for backup and VPN type links.