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O365 The Bigger Picture

Office 365 is available in the cloud. Using the cloud has many advantages, particularly in terms of saving on maintenance costs associated with local servers. The disadvantage of using the O365 suite of products is bandwidth and the Quality of the User experience often experienced in South Africa. Clients want to use OneDrive, Skype for Business, SharePoint and other productivity tools. VxCloud SD-WAN is O365 ready and is designed to use current internet links to increase O365 speed, access and experience.

O365 The Bigger Picture

Cloud Peering and QoS

VxCloud SD-WAN path optimization is deployed with peering gateways in South Africa. VxCloud SD-WAN is focused on creating the best possible network path to the Microsoft O365 cloud services. The VxCloud edge devices are deployed on the client site and can provide Cloud VPN, O365, Azure and Skype for business networking improvements. QoS is provided for O365 and Voice traffic prioritisation.

Cloud Peering and QoS

O365 Network Monitoring

VxCloud SD-WAN monitoring provides clients with a deeper view of the traffic that is accessed and how much bandwidth is used. Quality of Experience (QoE) is a monitoring services that displays the current experience the client is receiving. The SD-WAN solution will perform packet inspection to measure the quality of each internet link and the type of traffic and applications that are used. Clients and resellers will have access to this view to monitor networking and client QoE.

O365 Network Monitoring

O365 Network Tuning and Troubleshooting

VxCloud consultants will assist clients to provide O365 networking expertise and recommendations to improve O365 networking access and productivity. VxCloud cloud networking to perfection solution is used to allow branch offices to access the internet form a local access point such as the VxCloud Data Centre Peering point. This concept is difficult to replicate on MPLS networks as they are expensive and usually don’t have multiple internet access points.

O365 Network Tuning and Troubleshooting

O365 Cloud Networking Security

VxCloud O365 Integration and Security (Zscaler)

VxCloud SD-WAN and Microsoft O365 networking is all based on internet access. For most clients the cost of deploying express route is not an option. The VxCloud approach to cloud networking security is deployed in 3 layers. The client edge device provides encrypted traffic to the VxCloud Gateways deployed in a secure VxCloud Data Centre.

The gateways will the route the traffic to O365 using the Zscaler cloud web secure proxy. This service allows VxCloud to track all internet traffic and block malware and virus traffic. Traffic inspection is applied and secure O365 access is provided. Security will play a bigger part when clients access the internet and cloud application such as Google and O365. VxCloud has partnered with Zscaler to create a cloud based proxy and web security service to control all internet access. This integration was tested and completed as part of the SD-WAN solution and is offered to VxCloud clients.

VxCloud O365 Integration and Security (Zscaler)

O365 Skype For Business Networking

VxCloud O365 Skype for Business Cloud PBX

We have created a well supported and cost effective O365 Cloud PBX solution. The combination of Sonus, SD-WAN and PSTN integration will allow organizations to consolidate voice over internet links such as ADSL, LTE, Fibre and Metro Fibre. The same solution is used to support the VxCloud Cloud Hosted IP-PBX telephony service.

Skype for Business Consolidation

Enable Enterprise Grade Unified Communications Experience with the VxCloud SD-WAN Cloud networking solution. VxCloud SD-WAN Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization provides dynamic application steering and on-demand link conditioning to deliver high quality UC experience over any type of connectivity including broadband or hybrid WAN. All remote branch offices can use a single Skype for Business deployed PSTN and Call routing infrastructure.

Improve Skype Internet Connectivity

Ease of access to broadband Internet such as cable, DSL, LTE and Fibre provides options for enterprises to consider using broadband Internet to augment WAN bandwidth to deliver UC application. However, broadband Internet may, at times, experience congestion, which results in increased latency, packet loss, and jitter. These conditions can cause interruption to time sensitive applications such as voice and video and degrade the Quality of Experience (QoE) demanded by the end users.

Skype for Business Voice and Video Conferencing

VxCloud applies link conditioning techniques which include enabling Forward Error Correction to provide up to full packet replication to mitigate loss and jitter buffer to reduce jitter introduced by broadband and hybrid networks. The solution is deployed as part of the VxCloud Skype for Business Cloud hosted service to improve Voice and Video conferencing services form all sites including branch offices.

Skype for Business Case Study

This unique clinet requested the deployment of Skype for Business Cloud Solutions with integrated PSTN calling. They had a limited budget but wanted their branch offices to have PSTN numbers and also be able to perform Skype for Business Video Conferencing.
Please download the Azure Demo Document.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a proven networking and deployment solution for O365 clients. We can provide demos and POC’s. Deployments are simple and cost effective. The TCO of using the VxCloud solution is a major cost saving for clients.

We will improve the clients Quality of Experience (QoE). This is achieved by creating a faster path to O365 breakouts in South Africa. This concept is to have access to the South African peering points and route traffic to Microsoft Ireland as fast as possible.

Rapid deployment of the VxCloud network to support O365, integration with MPLS networks, and immediate access to all O365 traffic is provided. Cloud networking will create a new age of communication and the internet is providing the path to access applications.
VxCloud tested the scenarios and express route access is not just expensive but also not required for most clients. VxCloud cloud networking to perfection solutions are based on an SD-WAN solution that provides multiple peering points in South Africa and integration into Azure. Providing the clients with the service is really cost effective with improved Quality of Experience. The SD-WAN can be deployed with any broadband internet such as LTE, ADSL, Fibre, Metro Fibre and Wireless. Bring your Own Internet or MPLS and we can integrate it with the VxCloud SD-WAN Solution.
VxCloud consultants will investigate the clients O365 networking requirements. Bandwidth tools and calculators will be incorporated as part of the consulting initiative. The next phase is to deploy an SD-WAN edge device and test the bandwidth that will be used including the onsite ADSL, LTE, Broadband, Fibre and other networking connections. The best solution will be designed for the client using the SD-WAN solution providing faster access to O365. The client will have QoS and augmented internet links.
VxCloud is also a networking services provider with services deployed from all the major telephony companies. The services include links from ADSL, FTTH, LTE, Fibre, DFA, Seacom, Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom and others. We also provide private and public cloud hosting and networking services. Current clients are benefitting because we provide the best network connection solution for branch offices that is currently available. This could be an FTTH with LTE or ADSL with LTE or Fibre with ADSL. This is significant because all the links form one single SD-WAN connection and we will provide the intelligent traffic routing. The traffic is routed to the SD-WAN gateway that is has the shortest path to the internet. This allows VxCloud to improve the Quality of Experience for O365.
VxCloud delivers a fast and secure user experience for Office 365 without backhauling all of your traffic to the data centre and stacking more appliances to handle the increase in connections. VxCloud will automatically identify, prioritize, and route your traffic to the closest data SD-WAN gateway and route the traffic to O365 using the Zscaler Web Proxy. This creates secure access to the internet for traffic in egress and ingress.
We use tools to provide accurate TCO calculations based on workload scanning, planning and forecasting. These tool can be used once off or continuously in order to manage cloud based workloads and cost.

The SD-WAN solution can use any network to create enterprise based networking services. The perception that MPLS is still the best network is changing and no longer applies to services that are accessed in the cloud.

The SD-WAN solutions is cost effective and also combines Voice, Data and Video perfectly over traditional internet access such as ADSL, LTE, FTH, Wireless and Metro Fibre.
Client can phone 087-815-1000 to log a call and email admin@vxcloud.co.za. Select the option for support and a technician will provide the required assistance. SD-WAN demo units are available to clients and can be booked via the number and email address as above.