VxCloud Sourcing SD-WAN Launch Demo

VxCloud Reseller Program for SD-WAN as a Service is based on a cloud hosted networking service geared towards small and medium enterprises.

SD-WAN as a Service

VxCloud SD-WAN networking service supports O365, Azure, AWS and Cloud Applications. Run networking as you would run the cloud with Orchestration, Automation and Central Administration. Clients will be able to add internet access to current Diginet and MPLS networks and manage traffic flow. (The internet becomes the network).

The new Private Cloud SD-WAN from VxCloud is hosted in multiple Teraco DC’s and is managed by a team of certified networking engineers. Cloud based VPN services can be created on any networking platform including LTE, FTTH, Metro, MPLS and Broadband through the use of the VxCloud SD-WAN solution. Use cheaper internet connectivity to achieve enterprise networking results.

VxCloud provides Small and Medium Business with reliable ISP and Networking products. VxCloud ISP products are geared to provide internet services to organisations using ADSL, Wireless, LTE, FTTH, Metro and Fibre. VxCloud’s ISP and SD-WAN will open up a new revenue stream for Managed Service Providers, VoIP clients and IT support companies.

VxCloud SD-WAN as a service is already integrated with Azure, AWS and Zscaler. Automatically allow resellers access to the services as outlined above. Resellers will receive training on the configuration of the Orchestrator, the configuration of Gateways and the Edge deployments on the client sites.

Compete with the best Telco solution providers and create your own competitive MPLS, Cloud VPN and Internet Based networking service.

“Cloud Networking to Perfection”

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