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Azure and AWS Public Cloud

VxCloud AWS and Azure MSP (Managed Service Provider) is differentiated by building a practice around development, automation, and cloud-native application design. The Top AWS and Azure features are used while designing solutions such as IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS offerings in order to meet customers demanding unique business requirements.

We have started with the cloud networking layer first to support the SD-WANVPN Gateway services integrated with Azure and AWS. VxCloud is a one-stop shop for customers that require an end to end managed services solution including support and CSP licensing.

VxCloud has transitioned to a modern AWS and Azure MSP partner. Modern partners focus on differentiation, highly optimized operations support and customer life cycle value management.

  • AWS and Azure Application Services: Quickly build and host up web and mobile apps on any platform or device.
  • AWS and Azure Infrastructure as a Service including Cloud networking
  • AWS and Azure Machine Learning and Information hubs
  • AWS and Azure Backup, Recovery and DR
  • AWS and Azure MySQL and SQL

O365 and Azure CSP - User Productivity and Collaboration

VxCloud provides Azure and O365 Cloud Services Expertise ranging from managing the clients O365 and Azure licensing, fast track access, strategic roadmaps, and cloud hosted solutions. VxCloud O365 team includes Migrations, Office, Email, Skype for Business, One Drive, SWAY and SharePoint expertise. VxCloud consistently stays up to date with the latest Azure and O365 Roadmaps, PaaS and SaaS applications. The focus for managed services has moved from just managing to also providing business productivity and collaboration expertise.

“O365 Collaboration from Mobile first to Microsoft Cloud Services”

Emails and Domains

The VxCloud email service allows for cheaper email delivered into the customer’s computer Outlook program or, alternatively, to be accessed through a browser using web based applications. In addition, e-mails can be synchronised with smartphones.

VxCloud includes O365 domain management as part of the CSP services assisting clients with the correct domain changes and settings to run cloud applications such as O365 and Azure.

We provide assistance to clients for the registration of domains as well as important additional customization for DNS records. Once you have decided on a domain name, you can effortlessly register the domain by following these easy steps:

New Domain Customers: Clients must be registered with a user profile and provide information details. Once the user profile is created access is provided into the users control panel and a new Domain can be created.

Existing Domain Customers: Customers log onto the control panel for web hosting and order a new domain, the process of the domain registration can start. Clients will also have the opportunity to link new domains to one of our feature-rich hosting plans.

VxCloud Cloud Monitoring solution provides DNS monitoring including regularly checking the performance of your DNS servers and alerts you instantly when the DNS lookups are faulty or when the socket connection time to the DNS Server exceeds the set limit. You can also ensure forward lookups are working and your domain names are resolving correctly. VxCloud supports different DNS record lookup types: viz., A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, MX, SOA, PTR, SRV and expiry of domain names.

Contact the VxCloud support and help desk team at 087 815 1000 for more information

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