Hosting and Cloud Service

Virtual Servers Private Cloud

VxCloud provides fast, reliable and secure access to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosted in multiple Teraco and Backup secure hosted data centre facilities. VxCloud virtual servers are optimised for reliability and high availability. The VxCloud hosting service is offered on both Linux and Microsoft operating system platforms at an affordable price.

The use case for Virtual Private Server includes server virtualization and consolidation. Onsite client virtual (Hyper V and VMware) and local hosted servers are replicated to the VxCloud VPS server using Azure Site Recovery to provide remote DR and replication services. VPS instances are provided with different bandwidth options and can also include integration with the secure VxCloud SD-WAN for remote branch office access. SD-WAN Cloud VPN services are integrated with the VxCloud VPS hosting infrastructure providing “Cloud Networking to Perfection” for large office and branch office sites.

Data Centre Colocation

VxCloud provides colocation access to 3 data centres including Teraco. Clients with onsite data centres can procure space and interconnected service directly from VxCloud. The support team will advise clients with lift and shift projects thus allowing clients to move hardware, virtual servers and networking infrastructure into a secure and redundant data centre.

VxCloud provides physical interconnect cabling system allowing for the configuration of flexible and scalable interconnectivity to multiple carriers and upstream cloud service providers. VxCloud collocating servers and networking operations provide the widest choice of connectivity, highest level of guaranteed uptime, stringent security and optimal operating conditions.

Connectivity to all ISP’s and SaaS application service providers is installed and managed by VxCloud. The concept of remote hands is provided to clients allowing remote support resources to reset and or change Data Centre configurations.

Server Hosting

VxCloud supports Dell as the preferred server hosting hardware supplier. VxCloud can provide competitive Dell server, storage and switching deployments to cater for clients that demand all types of workloads. The server hosting infrastructure can also form part of the data centre colocation and or onsite private cloud deployments.

Server hosting is provided on as an Opex model where the client does not pay for the hardware outright but as part of a 24 month contract. Hardware support is provided as part of the 24 month contract with hardware and software firmware updates and replacements provided. VxCloud supports VMware and Hyper V virtualization configuration.

Software defined storage is also one of the benefits to clients that provides tiered storage access. Tiered storage access is presented at 3 levels including onsite SSD, SAS and Cloud (AWS and Azure) integration.

Software Defined Storage

The combination of NAS, Virtual SAN and Cloud Storage is a unique opportunity for customers to experience tiered storage as a service. Clients deploy onsite vSAN with HA and then also replicate into Azure and AWS for a unique storage as a service solution reducing backup time and data loss.

The combination of private and public cloud vSAN and NAS storage deployments supports the VxCloud DR as a Service solutions and is not just data replication and backup.

VxCloud SDS NAS is quick and easy to configure in minutes for IT administrators and DevOps personnel with no specialized storage training required. Our SDS NAS includes easy step-by-step wizards for initial configuration, high availability (HA) set-up and replication to managed snapshots. Replicating the data into Azure can be provided as part of the client Microsoft Licensing agreement and Azure consumption.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

VxCloud Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a fully integrated enterprise cloud platform for containerized and virtualized applications delivered in the VxCloud colocation Data Centre and on the client’s private cloud site. The use cases are endless and includes a catalogue with over 100 applications.

The Fully-Managed Stack On-Prem HCI solutions include a control panel to manage containers, virtualization, networking and storage. The client private cloud is realized with the full stack and end to end HCI support.

The VxCloud HyperCloud Infrastructure Fabric above is an example of the HCI solution with Compute, Storage (SSD) and Switched Networking. The onsite deployment is designed and architected for the number of computing nodes required and includes 24 x 7 onsite and hardware support.

The unique Opex model is based on Pay As You Go model and includes the deployment of the infrastructure onsite and the number of nodes and containers required are costed as part of the HCI deployment. The client only pays for what is consumed.

The following table illustrates the deployment of the Pay As You Go Model. The client required a virtual server that includes 2 VCPU, 8GB Memory and 80Gb SSD Storage. The comparison is done between VxCloud HCI, Other Leading HCI Solutions, OpenStack and AWS. Terms and condition apply with a minimum number of nodes supported and a start of contract no shorter than 6 Months.

VxCloud service includes monthly billing, HCI support and is presented to clients at 99.95% availability SLA private cloud onsite or colocation hosted, fully managed 24x7 by VxCloud, 4-hour on-site repair. The above services also include the server and OS monitoring as presented in the VxCloud Cloud Monitoring Service.

Backup and DR

VxCloud Backup and DR Service is a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution that extends tried-and-trusted tools on-premises with rich and powerful tools in the cloud.

It delivers protection for customers’ data no matter where it resides: in the enterprise data centre, in remote and branch offices, or in the public cloud; while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose. Azure Backup, now in a seamless portal experience with Azure Site Recovery, offers minimal maintenance and cost-efficiency, consistent tools for offsite backups and operational recovery, and unified application availability and data protection.

VxCloud Managed Backup Service (MBS) is built from the multiple best of breed technologies that is designed to meet the needs of small medium and large enterprise IT departments, providing reliable backup with central management and monitoring. VxCloud Managed Backup is integrated with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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