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VxCloud is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides services to clients accessing and using the Internet. We have deployed multiple internet access points in Teraco and other hosting sites. ISP services are backed by redundant networks including multiple local and international internet peering points and links. VxCloud specialises in providing ISP services to businesses that are growing faster than their current infrastructure can handle.

VxCloud ADSL and VDSL Services

ADSL and VDSL services are provided to clients where available and incorporates capped and uncapped ISP internet IP Connect (IPC) connections. ADSL and VDSL services include the deployment of capped, uncapped and unmetered broadband designed to fit the client’s budget and requirements. VxCloud will make sure the services stay up and running and escalation to improve the resolution of issues.

The VxCloud uncapped service is never throttled which means clients always receive full speed browsing, gaming and streaming. The VxCloud ADSL and VDSL service now also includes SD-WAN integration allowing ADSL and VDSL lines to be used as backup links to current MPLS networks

VxCloud LTE Broadband Services

VxCloud has changed the way the internet is used by adding LTE to the products that form part of internet services. LTE access is more accessible than any other internet access service and also forms part of the VxCloud SD-WAN services. LTE access services from Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C are included as part of our internet services. We have created a unique SD-WAN solution local to South Africa. The large footprint of LTE and Broadband services are used to provide cloud based networking to clients.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

VxCloud’s Fibre to the Home (FTTH), also called "fibre to the premises" (FTTP) is the installation and use of optical fibre from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access. FTTH is fast becoming the alternative to ADSL and is dramatically increasing the connection speeds available to computer users compared with technologies now used in most places.

VxCloud provides OpenServe FTTH packages to clients that include VAT and line rental as part of the pricing model. We provide routers based on functionality at different levels as part of the VxCloud 12 month FTTH packaged contracts.

FTTH is also provided to business clients where possible and is subject to availability. The IP Connect (IPC) service is the connectivity between VxCloud and Telkom (OpenServe) to provide bandwidth to clients including the access to SD-WAN with local internet traffic utilised to optimise bandwidth and improve the QoE to the cloud.

Metro Fibre Internet and Internet Access

Multiple relationships have been secured with the Neotel, Cell C, Telkom, Vodacom, Seacom, DFA and others to create the ultimate Metro Fibre internet access service. We have created an overlay network called SD-WAN that use the Fibre Internet services to create a cloud network that is stable and provides access mediums such as Cloud VPN, Security, Azure VPN, AWS, VPN and improved managed access to O365.

VxCloud is using the service to create the best cloud network and connectivity access. Fibre and internet access POPs all over South Africa are used as part of our SD-WAN cloud service. It does not matter what type of link is available and the services can be provided on an SLA or best effort basis to be cost effective and provide new high availability access.

VxCloud O365 Cloud Network design is based on local internet peering to achieve faster O365 international connectivity enabling clients to utilise normal broadband (LTE, FTTH, DSL, Fibre and Metro Networking) to achieve the required O365 Quality of Experience.

We can offer 99% network availability on the SD-WAN including the deployment of LTE and other networking links with 24/7/365 support. Our products range from Fibre Internet Access, which includes a fibre link with uncapped, unshaped bandwidth, or Fibre Access, which includes a fibre link that can be bundled with dedicated internet access or broadband internet access.

Wireless Internet Access

The wireless solution is based on access to multiple Wireless access points and services providers in remote areas where last mile connectivity is still a big issue

VxCloud Wireless is a company providing wireless solutions to internet connectivity, fixed line telephony and other related connectivity problems encountered by both private individuals and businesses.

Wireless is usually provided into areas where there is no connectivity. The wireless solution is used in conjunction with LTE as a last resort for network and cloud access.

SD-WAN for Diginet and Major Service Providers

VxCloud SD-WAN has been tested on local and international internet Diginet services still deployed and provided by multiple service providers in South Africa. The use case presented is to connect the Diginet link to the SD-WAN CPE.

By adding additional links such as LTE, FTTH or Metro Fibre to the SD-WAN with Diginet will create an aggregated cloud network service providing access to services such as Unified Communication, Cloud VPN, Cloud PBX, O365, Azure, AWS and others.

Clients that still have local and international Diginet can benefit from the VxCloud SD-WAN as a service by using the bandwidth optimization solution to allow local only bandwidth to access cloud SaaS solutions such as O365 and Azure.

We have also completed testing on all the major internet service providers including Telkom, Vodacom, Neotel, Cell C, Seacom, DFA and Broadcom.

“Cloud Networking to Perfection”

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