VxCloud – Security Service Provider

Virtual Servers Private Cloud

VxCloud Security as a Services is a combination of security managed services deployed and configured as part of the VxCloud managed SD-WAN. Security should not be expensive and complex to manage, VxCloud security as a Service provides those services at a fraction of the cost normal security providers would charge.

Security starts at the branch office where internet is used for cloud access and the branch office is protected with secure VPN access, firewalls, anti-virus and web content scanning and blocking.

Securing Web and Internet Content

The combined approach of VxCloud Hybrid SD-WAN and Zscaler’s Security as a Service platform allows clients to:

  • Deploy unified, dynamic and inline security that can inspect all employee traffic to and from the Internet.
  • Provide Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection that blocks the most dangerous threats before they reach company networks.
  • Guarantee key business application performance over hybrid networking by dynamically selecting the best network path using real-time measurement of traffic conditions, availability and application characteristics.
  • Use Internet backup links to offload non-critical applications.
  • Deliver complete visibility on application usage and performance over the hybrid network

The figure below is an example of how cloud hosted security and SD-WAN solutions can be combined to create a secure and reliable inter access. Full end to end WEB and Internet security is provided by VxCloud and ZSCALER

SD-WAN Security

VxCloud South African hosted Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN with its robust architecture is uniquely flexible to secure both traffic and data, deployed as a secure overlay to a transport/provider-independent infrastructure. With several different deployment architectures, a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN accommodates the needs of even the most security sensitive business. It also returns to corporate IT the security, compliance and control it needs to be safe.

A Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables unprecedented visibility into the use of data centre or SaaS applications, applies network-wide business and security policies, inserts local, third-party and cloud security services wherever and whenever they are needed, and extends the WAN perimeter from the cloud to the branch.

The often vexing complexity of VPN tunnels and PKI infrastructure management in traditional WAN architectures is dramatically simplified by leveraging the secure and scalable cloud-based SD-WAN PKI infrastructure, which can be turned on with a single click on the orchestrator. VPN tunnels are built where and when needed, and cover branch-to-branch, branch-to-DC and any-location-to-cloud traffic patterns.

VxCloud Firewall Security

VxCloud integrated the Fortinet’s Distributed Enterprise Firewall (DEFW) – into the SD-WAN as a virtual service in the SD-WAN edges and Gateways. With Fortinet’s DEFW, every remote site of the network, regardless of size, is protected under a common, scalable security fabric, the Fortinet Security Fabric. As the network expands, through new sites added to the network or through new wired or wireless connections, the fabric extends automatically, securing each new site and connection.

The Fortinet and VxCloud secure SD-WAN Solution consists of the Fortinet enterprise firewall platform integrated with an overlay network of VxCloud Edges in distributed sites and data centres, as well as South African cloud-hosted VxCloud Gateways and VxCloud Orchestrators.

The smaller the attack footprint the more secure the infrastructure and this is one of the business drivers followed by VxCloud to reduce the risk on small to medium enterprises. The cost savings of not having to include a hardware device every time is immense and the network is changed increases the ROI significantly.

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